Be like Dave.

December 4, 2023

There’s a guy called Dave who routinely inflicts pain on me, and I pay him for it. My 30 minutes with Dave are the lowlight of my week except that our conversation is always fab because we both support the same football team.

I don’t know how Dave does what he does but I know I have a problem that he can solve. If, on my first visit Dave said to me that he also has the same issues as me and doesn’t know how to resolve them I would not have been there long, and would not have gone back every week for the last few months.

Dave is an expert and was recommended to me by a friend he had helped. They in turn were recommended to Dave by someone else he had helped.

This is how it works. Businesses that do a good job at providing a service or product that solves a problem become ‘guides’ in the lives of their customers and clients. We don’t need them to be like us, we need them to be able to help us.

Frodo needed Gandalf, Daniel needed Mr Miyagi, and Erin Brockovich needed her lawyer Ed. They all transformed into the people they became because they had someone guide them.

Dave is good at his job, and so my very literal pain point is being dealt with.

If you need help working out how to bring your customers into your story where your business plays the guide and you let them be the hero then visit our website and schedule a call.

At Simple Story Marketing, we help purpose-led businesses create change with simple, story-based marketing that works.

P.S. If you want to make 7 simple changes to your website content so it makes the customer the hero visit the homepage and download the free PDF.

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