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Get clear and simple story-based marketing that works.

Your purpose-led business deserves to significantly impact the world, but you know you don’t have the time to create marketing that connects with your customers. It's a struggle that leaves you feeling like you are not achieving your full business potential.

We believe you can have simple, story-based marketing that works. We understand because many of our clients struggled to create a clear and consistent marketing message. The message you send on your website, your social media, and your email campaign should let you be seen, heard and understood.

We have been helping small businesses with their marketing and branding for over a decade. As a Certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide, we have a proven framework for creating marketing that works!

Let your business change the world. This is marketing for change-makers!

Who are we?

Andy Pressdee StoryBrand Marketing Guide Simple Story Marketing
Designer and StoryBrand Guide
Andy has a background in graphic and web design and is our StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide. Andy specialises in clarifying your brand message so that customers will listen!
Lindsay Pressdee Brand Strategist Simple Story Marketing
Brand Designer and Strategist
Lindsay is our Brand Strategist. With a Master's Degree in Brand Communication and many years of industry experience, Lindsay brings the practical understanding that only hands-on experience gives.

Our story

We met in the first-floor function room of an old Victorian London pub. Lindsay, a student of Fashion, and Andy a freelancing graphic designer. The next 20+ years have been spent listening, learning, creating, failing, learning more, and succeeding. We love it.

As a part-time university Senior Lecturer, Lindsay is currently pioneering a recycling and sustainability project within the fashion industry. As a StoryBrand Marketing Guide, Andy helps small business owners create and implement story-based marketing strategies to help their businesses grow.

The mission of Simple Story Marketing is to help owner-managed businesses who want to leave a positive imprint on the world.  Treating their customers and the planet with respect, they tread lightly, share the wealth, and lead well, transforming as they go. By helping these businesses connect with their customers with simple, story-based marketing, everyone is impacted.

Our own story took a transformative turn when a client introduced us to the StoryBrand framework. It revolutionised our business, and we believe it can change yours too.

This is marketing for change-makers.

Simple Story Marketing is a trading name of Press Creative Ltd.

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