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The Rule of Three

How often have you stared at a slide deck with so much information crammed into it that you remember almost nothing at best? Or have you found yourself on a website homepage that is so overloaded with all the amazing benefits the company has to offer that you just move on to another more visually […]

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Be like Dave.

There’s a guy called Dave who routinely inflicts pain on me, and I pay him for it. My 30 minutes with Dave are the lowlight of my week except that our conversation is always fab because we both support the same football team. I don’t know how Dave does what he does but I know […]

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Talk about your customer’s problem first.

Your website is a major asset in your marketing but does it bring your customer into the story your business is telling? Is it match fit? Your purpose-led business deserves to make a significant impact but you know you don’t have the time or skills to create strategic marketing that connects with your customers and […]

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I can’t fight this feeling anymore…

There’s a little coffee shop in Covent Garden that sells coffee. I know, it’s weird right? But here’s the thing; there are probably over 100 coffee shops within about a square mile of that particular one but when I’m anywhere near (and I mean 30-minute walking distance) I will head for my favourite coffee shop. […]

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Everybody hurts.

What is your favourite song? It’s the kind of question that social media loves to ask. We probably all have too many to choose between and they change depending on lots of stuff. Having said that, R.E.M.'s 1991 song "Losing My Religion" is not just a mandolin classic; it also means something different to what […]

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Struggling to create a cohesive marketing plan?

Who should you connect with in a predominantly online world? What should you say to attract your audience? Where should you communicate your message to establish the best connections? When and how often should you communicate your message? How does all of this come together effectively? As a purpose-led business owner, you may not have […]

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Making the customer the hero. What does it mean?

I’m sure you have heard this phrase a few times now but have you ever wondered what it means to make 'the customer the hero' in your marketing strategy? As a StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide, we believe in the storytelling approach to marketing, where the customer is the main character in the story, not your […]

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Your customer is the hero. You are their professional dance partner.

If you are a fan of Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) then you will know that the best stories are the ones where the journey has been the most transformational. By that I mean the celebrity has gone from rhythm-free, mum or dad-dancing to the Blackpool Ballroom and beyond.  Those first few weeks […]

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What's the problem?

A couple of years ago there was a trend on the platform formerly known as Twitter to ‘badly explain what you do for a living’. For example ‘I help people out of people’ or ‘I ask people to smile while I shoot them’ were the midwife and the photographer in a sea of state-sponsored drug […]

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Where can we go?

A long, long time ago in a forest far, far away, I got lost. I was about 10 years old at a Cub Scout camp. We had been playing a wide game, and amidst the adrenaline of hiding, chasing, and then being chased, two other boys and I found ourselves unsure of the way back […]

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