Case Studies

Below are recent case studies showcasing the work we've done for some of our clients who are making a significant impact through their businesses.



EVC Solutions installs electric vehicle charge points with the lowest possible carbon footprint and a management system for commercial customers.


EVC Solutions was a new company when they engaged us. Initially, we created their brand identity but soon began working on their brand messaging and marketing, taking them through the StoryBrand process.

We designed, built and created all the content for their website, handle all their social media marketing, blog creation, write video scripts, and photography, and keep all their communications on-brand. 
EVC Solutions BrandScript and StoryBranded Website
EVC Solutions BrandScript and StoryBranded Website
EVC Solutions BrandScript and StoryBranded WebsiteHow Long Does It Take To Charge an EV Social Media Post for EVC Solutions

Why EVC Solutions use us...

When we set out to find a marketing partner we had two key objectives; to find an agency that understands that the brand strategy for EVC Solutions is everything; and a willingness to be closely integrated with our business. We found that partnership in Simple Story Marketing and our business results over the past four years have shown we made the right decision, one we are proud of and continue to believe in.

Nigel Ryan. Supplier and Business Partnering, EVC Solutions
Nigel Ryan. Director EVC Solutions



Carthy Accountants is a family-run accountancy firm that offers much more than your average accountant, with business growth strategies, networking opportunities, and coaching. Always working to improve the lives of their clients.


Carthy Accountants primarily use us for their marketing support. We create monthly, printed newsletters that are delivered to the client's door. We also write blog posts, email sequences, and social media posts and take photographs, that all sync together for a cohesive brand message.
Carthy Accountants
Carthy Accountants
Carthy AccountantsCarthy AccountantsCarthy Accountants

Why Carthy Accountants use us...

From day one, they've been incredibly responsive to our needs. They have taken the time to get to know our business and become an integral part of our team rather than just an outsourced function. Consistently creative, they go above and beyond, with work that exceeds our expectations, and have become our trusted marketing partners.

Michael Carthy. Managing Director, Carthy Accountants
Carthy Accountants



Enabling Technology offers support strategies, training and software tools to help companies understand the strengths of their neurodivergent workforce. Neurodiversity solutions for a productive environment.


Enabling Technology is an established software and training company based in Staffordshire. They engaged with us to design a new brand identity, create new brand messaging content using the StoryBrand framework, and design and build a new website.

We created their brand concept and colours and wrote their strapline, one-liner and homepage content.
Enabling Technology Home Page by Simple Story Marketing StoryBrand Guides UK
Enabling Technology Web Page by Simple Story Marketing StoryBrand Guides UK
Enabling Technology Logo by Simple Story Marketing StoryBrand Guides UKEnabling Technology Web Page by Simple Story Marketing StoryBrand Guides UKEnabling Technology e-commerce Page by Simple Story Marketing StoryBrand Guides UK

Why Enabling Technology use us...

Our brand messaging was stuck in the last century and we needed to update it. As a small company, we didn’t have the skills or knowledge to do it ourselves. In came Andy & Lindsay. They did a comprehensive research on competitors in our field of work, asked us lots of questions about our target audience, and produced new copy and content for our website that surpassed our expectations. Within two weeks of our new site going live we already saw an increase in interest.

Petra Wainwright. Software and Strategy Trainer, Enabling Technology.



Batch Coffee Roasters selectively import, roast, grind and deliver the finest coffee to your door. 

Coffee that delivers.


Batch Coffee Roasters is a start-up based in Co. Durham. They engaged with us to design, build, and write their e-commerce website, and create a brand identity that could be used on all their packaging as well as their marketing.

We created their brand concept and colours and wrote their strapline, one-liner and their value proposition.
Batch Coffee Roasters
Batch Coffee Roasters
Batch Coffee RoastersBatch Coffee Roasters

Why Batch Coffee Roasters use us...

Setting up a new business with branding & design can be daunting and stressful. Andy & Lindsay were able to alleviate most of that stress with helpful & insightful guidance with branding, design and marketing strategy. I believed I had the skills to complete this but their knowledge of 'what the customer is looking for' was a great help. I've only had positive feedback for the branding and web design. If anyone is looking for a company to advise them in their design and marketing I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Definitely value for money too!!!

Graham Wood. Director, Batch Coffee Roasters
Graham Wood, Batch Coffee Roasters
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