Everybody hurts.

November 27, 2023

What is your favourite song? It’s the kind of question that social media loves to ask. We probably all have too many to choose between and they change depending on lots of stuff.

Having said that, R.E.M.'s 1991 song "Losing My Religion" is not just a mandolin classic; it also means something different to what the title suggests. It’s not about ditching your beliefs but is an old Southern (USA not Surrey) expression for being at the end of your rope, the moment when politeness gives way to anger, frustration and desperation. Or as we say in England, "a bit miffed."

Either way, a narrative of frustration and desperation perfectly sums up a feeling many of us have with our marketing efforts. Small business owners often find themselves trying marketing strategies that just don't seem to click. It's not just about promoting your product; it's about resonating with your audience's needs, challenges, and aspirations - in short, everybody hurts - understand your customer's pain points and talk about them.

As a certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide, we’ve seen the transformation that happens when businesses shift their focus from selling a product or service to telling a story. Your brand isn't just offering something; it's providing a solution to your customer's problem.

What can you do?

Reflect: Does your marketing speak about you or does it speak to your audience?
Empathise: Understand your audience’s struggles and position your brand as a generous expert.
Simplify: A clear, story-driven message beats cute and clever every time.

Listen to your customer. What do they care about? What do they believe? How do they want to feel about the things they consume or invest in? Listening to your customer needs shows an understanding and empathy that can set you apart.

Struggling to create a cohesive marketing plan? Every strategy we create is designed to help customers connect with you.

At Simple Story Marketing, we help purpose-led businesses create change with simple, story-based marketing that works.

P.S. If you want to make 7 simple changes to your website content so it makes the customer the hero visit the homepage and download the free PDF.

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