I can’t fight this feeling anymore…

November 29, 2023

There’s a little coffee shop in Covent Garden that sells coffee. I know, it’s weird right? But here’s the thing; there are probably over 100 coffee shops within about a square mile of that particular one but when I’m anywhere near (and I mean 30-minute walking distance) I will head for my favourite coffee shop. They do great coffee, but there may be another one that does better coffee. I don’t really care. I love the way this one makes me feel.

When I’m on my way there, and then when I’m in the queue, or purchasing my Guatemalan Medium/Dark roasted beans ground for my cafetiere at home I feel like I know about coffee. They make me feel more than a coffee drinker - I feel like I’m a coffee lover. 

I have friends who know far more about coffee than I do, and love coffee more than I do, but at this moment I know coffee, I love coffee, I am a real coffee drinker. I drink the best coffee, from the best coffee shop in Covent Garden, even London or the world!

They say that people will forget what you said and will forget what you did but they will remember how you made them feel.

So, yesterday I ‘accidentally’ found myself in the vicinity of my favourite coffee shop and it would have been rude to not pop in. I ordered my South American beans and asked for a Flat White to go. ‘Sorry’ replied the barista. ‘For environmental reasons, we no longer do takeaways unless you have bought your own cup with you or you buy one of ours.’ 

Not only do they do the best coffee, they are also saving the planet. It all just got better.

I decided not to buy a new mug and therefore didn’t buy a drink, but somehow I didn’t mind. Even leaving without a coffee made me feel good. I’m no longer just a coffee-lover, I’m also an environmentally-conscious coffee-lover.

Little coffee shop in Covent Garden, you tick all the right boxes! 

Fortunately, my second favourite coffee shop is just round the corner and they had a few spare seats, so I still got a creamy coffee treat.

Listen to your customer. What do they care about? What do they believe? How do they want to feel about the things they consume or invest in? Listening to your customer needs shows an understanding and empathy that can set you apart.

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