What does your customer want?

November 10, 2023

If you’ve ever seen the 1975 film Jaws you will remember the opening sequences. You also probably struggled to swim in the sea afterwards too. It took me years to go more than knee-deep in the English Channel.

If you've not seen the film it goes something like this… a girl goes for a late-night skinny dip in the ocean and after much eerie music and plenty of screaming, she ends up as shark food. We then meet the police chief whose job now is to find the shark and stop more people from becoming lunch. He has many hurdles to jump and enlists the help of experts before eventually (spoiler alert) he gets what he wants and blows the oversized fish into many pieces.

Screenwriters define the ambition of their main character very early on in the script. This is important because if we don’t know what the main character wants we can’t buy into the story. If we can’t buy into the story we get bored and confused, and so we move on.

At Simple Story Marketing our first task is to uncover what your client wants. We can then create talking points around that want. By doing so we bring them into your story. When they can see themselves in this narrative they are more likely to be attracted to your brand, product or service.

Simple Story Marketing. Helping purpose-led businesses bring change and success with simple, story-based marketing; content for websites, social media, and email campaigns. Marketing for change-makers.

Bring your customers into your story: Visit our website and schedule a call.

P.S. I went snorkelling last summer. I had half an eye on the pretty coloured fish beneath me and one and a half eyes on the rest of the sea, just in case.

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